The library is an instutition that record and edit the produced information of basic function and make it accessibility, has been resultanted of historical and social requirements when invention of writing and beginning of recorded information.

Our country has a 900 year old library tradition. The first libraries were established in the period of Anatolian Seljuks and the first Principalities in Anatolia, were developed by the Ottomans. During the Republican period, studies in the field of librarianship have increased rapidly. Librarians, studying abroad for librarian education, have become the founders of contemporary librarianship in Turkey. After 1954, The librarians departments in undergraduate and postgraduate education have been opened in universities. 

Depending on The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism in our country, The Public Libraries, The Children Libraries, The Literature Museum Libraries are instutitions which develop people's reading and researching habits, provide people's sharing ideas and information, constitute source of pluralistic democracy and freedom of thought. Also these libraries are the center of activities, cultural, educational, relaxing and amusing, free and freely beneficial, helps society's social development for every age, every socio-economic level, every level of education, every political and religious opinion.

Our libraries have the characteristics of the most accurate address to access the information which is needed of in this age, are growing by gaining more meaning.

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