Library Rules

General Rules

*You should switch off your mobile phones or it should be in quite mode in libraries and use of mobile phones are not permitted.
*You should be quite in the libraries
*Except water, any food and drink is not permitted in the libraries
*Smoking is strictly forbidden in the libraries otherwise the punishment will be applied
*All materials of libraries should be used carefully with users.
*Reading rooms should be left before 15 minutes of closing hours of libraries.
*You should be care of your belongings. Libraries can not be responsible from lost and stolen items.

Borrowing Rules

*Users should be member of a library to borrow a material.
*To be a member you should present your “Turkish Citizenship Number” or if you have 6 months residential permit you should present “Foreign Citizenship Number”
*You should sign a “Membership Form of Library” in your first apply.
*Some materials like reference materials cannot be borrowed.
*Users can borrow 3 book and 3 other materials other than book in once.
*Books can be borrowed for 15 days and other materials for 7 days.
*Borrowed materials should be returned in time without any harm.
*Users can not borrow a new material if they have due material.
*Users can be warn by email, sms or letter if they have due material.
*Users should pay replacement cost of unreturned, harmed or lost materials.

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